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Digitized Forms/Carrier Connection EDI

Digitized Forms/Carrier Connection EDI


Added 02/17/2016


EverythingBenefits Carrier Connectivity product allows you to extend the power of your iSolved offering. Turning this product on will give you the power to take benefit enrollment data and deliver it directly to insurance carriers. Compared to traditional EDI, this can be implemented for a company in almost no time... and the best part? It can be used by ANY size company whereas the traditional EDI can only be used by 100+ employee companies.

No matter the business, gone are the days of paper enrollment forms and inputting data into insurance carriers' site.

Welcome to the future of carrier connections.

To learn more, click on the "Get Connected Now" button on the left-hand side of your screen or reach out to your account manager.

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How can ANY size company use this?

We digitize companies' enrollment forms, there is no employee size requirement by the carrier to receive paper enrollment forms. And that's exactly what we deliver to them, but to to company using our software, it's a totally streamlined automated process.

How can you establish a connection so quickly?

While vendors traditionally rely only on EDI. We're able to leverage these digitized enrollment forms and begin sending them to the carrier within a week's time. If possible, we can also immediately start working towards on EDI connection with the carrier at this time. Once this is set up, we simply switch over to the EDI connection.

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